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Box Type Condenser

A box type condenser, also known as a shell and tube condenser, is a common type of heat exchanger used in various industrial applications, particularly in refrigeration, air conditioning, and chemical processing. It is designed to transfer heat from a hot vapor to a cooling fluid, typically water, air, or a refrigerant, in order to condense the vapor into a liquid state.
Construction: A box type condenser consists of a shell, usually cylindrical or rectangular in shape, and a series of tubes arranged inside the shell. The shell is usually made of metal, such as steel or copper, while the tubes are often made of copper or another heat-conducting material.
Vapor Inlet: Hot vapor enters the condenser through an inlet nozzle located at one end of the shell. This vapor may be refrigerant vapor, steam, or vaporized process fluid.
Cooling Fluid Inlet: A cooling fluid, such as water or air, is introduced into the condenser through inlet nozzles. The cooling fluid flows over the external surface of the tubes, absorbing heat from the hot vapor inside the tubes.
Heat Transfer: As the hot vapor comes into contact with the cooler surface of the tubes, heat is transferred from the vapor to the cooling fluid through conduction and convection. This causes the vapor to condense into a liquid state.
Liquid Outlet: The condensed liquid collects at the bottom of the shell and is discharged from the condenser through a liquid outlet nozzle. In refrigeration and air conditioning systems, the condensed liquid is typically the refrigerant in its liquid state, ready to be circulated back to the evaporator.
Cooling Fluid Outlet: The now heated cooling fluid exits the condenser through outlet nozzles. In water-cooled condensers, the heated water may be discharged to a cooling tower or other heat rejection system for cooling before being recirculated back to the condenser.

Condensate Drain: To prevent the accumulation of condensed liquid inside the shell, a condensate drain is usually provided to remove any liquid that may accumulate.

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