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Our precision engineered 12 Automatic ROPP Cap Sealing Machine is meticulously designed and is ideal for effective and reliable sealing of bottles and containers with aluminum caps of different sizes All the contact parts are fabricated using stainless steel and conforming to the latest GMP norms.

Key Features

Following are the unique features of our manufactured range:

    • Output: 60 bottles per mint
    • Designed to suit a variety of containers and caps
    • Non Flame proof model is also available​
    • Height of conveyor belt of this machine is adjustable from 800 mm
    • Maximum bottle demotion 75mm, maximum height 200mm
    • No cap no selling
    • Erection and commissioning is done easily without any foundation.
    • Cap diameter: 22,25,28 with machine
    • Position of bottle rest as well as sealing head can be lowered
    • Sealing heads are easily interchangeable
    • Conveyor 6’, 3 ¼”x 3mm thicknesses S.S. 304
    • Dimension (L.W.H) 6’X4’, Height -5 ft
    • Power supply 2HP

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